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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Discount Auto Insurance - Sure, Why Not?

Discount Auto Insurance - Sure, Why Not?
By Carley Swift

Where can I find a discounted rate for my auto insurance needs? What can I do to get low rates & superior coverage?

The insurance companies will ask you to drive carefully. And it's good advice, but probably not what you were hoping to hear.

Ask for discounts! - If you are a good driver you may be able to lower your existing policy.

Buying a new car? - Find out where the price of the car changes in terms of policy cost. A few thousand dollars can make a difference.

Red-flag cars! - Some insurance companies charge more for certain cars that are targeted for passenger injury and/or are more often stolen or vandalized than another make of vehicle.

Could you drive a little less? - Mileage due to business travel and/or commutes can drive policy prices up. Carpooling once a week can sometimes make the difference in the premiums you pay.

Are you 50 or older? AARP is a membership organization that offers great auto discounts for all people 50+ for $12.50/yr. These great discounts are not limited to automobile insurance by any means.

The automobile insurance they offer is from The Hartford Automobile Insurance Company for AARP - members, only.

A few highlights offered by AARP for this auto insurance plan with The Hartford are:

  • Full 12-month rate protection and lifetime renew ability are standard with this exclusive plan from The Hartford.

  • Benefits include:

  • Full New Car Replacement Guarantee

  • Lifetime Repair Warranty

  • Lifetime Renew ability

  • Fast, no-hassle claim payments

  • Online Customer Service Center for claim reporting, bill payment

  • Free, no-obligation rate quote

There are many other automobile insurance discounts offered by various automobile insurance companies for good driving records.

Why does the price of auto insurance vary so much from company to company and by what car you buy? Insurance companies are talking about how many coverage's and deductibles you need and that is determined by the following:

What do you drive? - Generally, the more pricey your auto the more pricey your premiums.

Buying a new car? - Better re-evaluate your existing policy.

How do you drive & where? - Accidents, vandalism, & theft raise rates. Small town citizens usually pay less than the city folk, especially the big, big city folks.

How much do you drive? - The more miles you drive, the more you will pay.

Are you married? Over 25? Male or female? - It matters. Accident rates are higher for all drivers under age 25, especially young males and single males.

Do you have a good driving record? - Accidents? Studies tell us that drivers who cause accidents will pay more.

How about a good credit history? - This too matters. Again, studies show credit history indicates certain characteristics of future auto insurance losses. Many insurance companies seriously utilize this information in deciding what to charge you.

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Source: Carley Swift

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